What Women Want: Sarah Standing Says That Luxury Hotels Tick All The Right Boxes

Men, I’m heading to allow you in on one of the wonderful mysteries of existence. I’m going to inform you what most wedded females actually, actually desire. Neglect big rubble and reddish colored roses. Neglect bins of violet lotions and tomes of sentimental poetry even selling to drained the dishwasher. What women of all ages secretly seek is normally straightforward. It’s named bedroom provider.

Bedroom provider is normally the blockbuster of affectionate motions. Accommodations tick all the best suited packaging for women of all ages in a approach that guys get vaguely unfathomable. I believe this is normally quite possibly because they reverence keeping at resorts as functional an costly component of their travelling itinerary. Females think differently in life.

For many females it’s the motel that holds the real attraction; typically considerably more than the vacation spot itself. Females hardly ever desire to stay with their partners in a hotel that’s described as a ‘residence apart from residence’. Ultimately we prefer a regular to come to be just as very good used out from anything like our home as it’s most likely to finish up becoming.


I include diagnosed a innovative craze in weekend gaps with additional and additional lovers picking to stay in their house area. They no longer trouble dealing with Heathrow to acquire away for a romantic sojourn any more they merely get in a cab, check into a extravagance motel and temporarily examine out of parental duties for a couple of times. This may seem to be weird at first of all but there happen to be various invisible rewards.

By staying near to house one can be in a position to consider benefit of wonderful movie theater, exhibitions, eating places, health spa therapies, store shopping and an constant night’s rest without the innate get worried and guilt that comes with leaving young children behind. Father and mother can relax given the assurance and come to be safe and sound in the know how that if there’s an emergency once again residence they can simply just talk to for their charge and come to be again on task within the hour. It’s the adult release of a sleep over.

For me, there’s something inexplicably attractive about becoming demonstrated up to a area that’s spick and course and unsullied by domesticity. It’s like stepping into a refuge; a parallel market of starched sheets and plumped pillows, tiled bathrooms piled with dry light towels that will be not really however on the floors and a fridge filled with drink up and lacking of left over spots.


This can be the accurate seductiveness of a house ‘selection’ house. It converts shallow girls like myself into ubercompliant Stepford Girlfriends or wives. I turn into uncharacteristically coquettish and dedicate a very long period in the bathtub carrying out issues like exfoliating my lower limbs while fantasising over tomorrow’s lunch break menu.

I are naturally not really talking about grotty hotels. Unlike David and Jean Davidson who adored their Newark Travelodge hole stop therefore much they remained put for 22 years, I was unapologetically snobbish in my options.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to accommodations size does indeed subject. I wish high end. I appreciate big scalp, big handbags, big pay for rises but little or nothing gets my beat up additional than an absurdly big, over the top inn fit.

The Langham Hotel’s Infinity fit is certainly consequently insanely large it calls for your breath apart. Portion James Rapport lair (certainly not one but two 72 half inch flat screen televisions, Bose sound systems, CCTV cameras and entry controls), component Hollywood film established, component smooth town flat, it offers two bedrooms, two bathing rooms, two dress up rooms, a kitchen better equipped than my personal and an interesting chromatherapy ‘infinity’ shower.

Prior to checking out in you happen to be asked to right a questionnaire full of pressing, important queries such as, ‘What are your preferred flowers? Do you prefer sleeping on linen or real cotton? What are your preferred toiletries? Diet requirements? Will you be requiring a butler?’ It’s amazing how quickly one can become a strenuous guest. I assumed the previous concern was a no brainer. Presented the decision, why would one ever before certainly not desire a butler?

Our butler was an attractive adolescent South American guy who flitted easily from space to space, tweaking my excess fat peonies and coating up my Jo Malone shampoos and shower natural oils. He fixed proper afternoon tea, turned the sound system from musak to Cole Porter, unpacked the material of my squalid little over night suitcase (notice to personal: conceivably certainly not trendy to carry Spanx knickers) and changed the colouring on both Television set packages for my pernickety man. It was satisfaction.

‘Would Madame want me to manage a bath tub for you?’ he asked.

‘That would get splendid,’ I answered having previously designed an highlight Celia Johnson would become happy of.

‘And what time would you like your drivers?’ ‘Seven o’clock would become ideal,’ replied Johnnie.

‘I will leave you a menu in case you require any light refreshments when you come back.’

‘Declare thanks a lot to you,’ we both sighed contentedly. ‘I trust neither of you is often a virgin?’ At this level both Johnnie and I started out to laugh uncontrollably.

‘I was accordingly remorseful. I plead with your pardon. What I engineered to express was ‘vegetarian’, not really ‘virgin’.

He needn’t possess been embarrassed. Like Renee Zellweger’s personality in Jerry Maguire, our butler experienced me at ‘hello’.

For the greatest extravagance experience the Infinity pack age costs 6,169 [pounds sterling] per nights for up to four persons.


Langham Inn, London

1C Portland Place, Regent Neighborhood, London T1 Tel: 44 (0)20 7636 1000 www.langhamhotels.com

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